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Transworld 9407 19-inch Rolling Pilot Catalog Briefcase Lawyer Case

Transworld 9407 19-inch Rolling Pilot Catalog Briefcase Lawyer Case

Product Review (submitted on March 15, 2012):
I'm a wedding photographer and I bought this case to transport albums, books, and marketing materials around with when I go to meet clients. Let me get one thing out of the way up front, this is a cheap rolling case. Don't expect world class materials or craftsman ship here because for this price you just won't get it. There is no padding in this case so if you have anything fragile you want to transport, look elsewhere.

That said, for the price, it looks like it's going to suit my needs just fine. There is probably 9" of interior space in this bag for packing stuff in. There are two dividers which form three compartments inside the bag. My large 11x14 album fits in here with an additional 3 1/2 inches on the long side to spare. This makes for a total inside width of 17-18". I'm probably going to have to put some padding in there to keep the album from sliding around a bit in transport. I have a smaller 10x10 book and 12x12 album which obviously fit without issue with much room to spare. However they are going to slide around even more than the 11x14 album, so I'll have to figure out a way to keep them secure when I travel.

The top of the case flips up and down to reveal the inside of the case. There are two combination locks on top (with optional keys) if you need more security. There is a briefcase-like handle if you feel like carrying the case, or an extending handle if you feel like rolling it around. I have noticed that the pin-locks on the extending handle aren't very strong so you will probably only be able to *pull* this case, not *push* it. It's a small quirk, but it might matter to some people. The overall structure of the case seems substantial and built well.